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How Stress Affects Your Overall Health

Last updated 4 years ago

Some people assume that the body and mind are somehow disconnected. However, the feelings in your head are very much connected to the feelings in your body. If you suffer from chronic stress, for example, your body may suffer a wide range of related effects. The medical professionals at Northside Hospital urge you understand the impact stress can have on your wellbeing.

Aches and Pains

Prolonged stress can lead to a wide range of aches and pains throughout your body. For instance, you’ve likely heard of “stress headaches,” which are so named because they’re often caused by stress. Stress can also lead to pain in the back, neck, jaw, and stomach. 

Bodily Distress

Temporary stress is a perfectly natural defense mechanism. However, prolonged stress can lead to a number of negative physiological changes. For example, those who endure chronic stress may eventually develop elevated blood pressure and chest pain. Elevated blood pressure is especially worrisome, as it can increase one’s risk of heart attack or stroke.  

Low Energy Levels

Stress makes you feel like you have more energy for a short time, burning up valuable energy in the process. This could leave you feeling drained at certain parts of the day. Stress can also make it difficult to sleep, which can lead to further exhaustion. Over a long period of time, a lack of good sleep can increase your risk of a wide range of conditions, including cancer and diabetes.

Emotional Anguish

Chronic stress can lead to a number of negative emotions, including anger and anxiety. It’s easy for stressed individuals to feel helpless and out of control. Many develop feelings of depression, and are easily agitated. In short, stress can have a profound effect on one’s mental health over time.

If you’re experiencing prolonged stress, let the St. Petersburg medical professionals at Northside Hospital help you find ways to relax. You can call our Consult-A-Nurse referral line at (888) 598-9586 to find a doctor who can address your needs. We also provide emergency services to residents from St. Petersburg and Pinellas Park. 


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