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What Are Ventral Hernias?

Last updated 4 years ago

A ventral hernia can develop without any evident symptoms in some people, yet it can produce acute pain and tenderness in others. Upon recognizing any of these warning signs, it’s important to seek professional medical attention as soon as possible, as a ventral hernia cannot heal on its own. If you suspect that you have a ventral hernia, contact the medical experts at Northside Hospital in St. Petersburg for help.


A ventral hernia is the movement of an organ or tissue through another structure residing in the abdominal area. In many cases, the muscles of the abdomen become weak, which provides the opportunity for an organ to move through it. Sudden pressure on an abdominal organ, such as that created when a person coughs or lifts a heavy object, can provide the catalyst necessary to cause a ventral hernia. Some people might also experience this condition while recovering from a surgical procedure that has left the abdominal region weak.


A ventral hernia can provide several warning signs of its presence. A common side effect of this condition is pain that radiates from the injury site. The displacement of the organ or tissue can also make the abdominal region extremely tender to the touch. Depending on the location of the ventral hernia, some people might even see an evident bulge protruding from their abdomen.

Treatment Options

In the majority of cases, a ventral hernia necessitates surgical repair. Because the organ has moved through a weaken section of muscle or tissue, a surgeon must first return it to its proper position and then repair the damaged muscle. To carry out normal activities despite the presence of a ventral hernia can result in chronic pain, organ damage, and even death. Hernia surgery can quickly and effectively repair the injury site and prevent additional damage to the abdominal region.

Are you experiencing abdominal pain and tenderness? If you believe that you might have a ventral hernia, don’t wait to call Northside Hospital in St. Petersburg at (888) 598-9586. Our Consult-A-Nurse representatives can help you decide if medical attention might be necessary.


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