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Essential Tips for Preventing Back Injuries

Last updated 4 years ago

How many times each day do you engage in heavy lifting activities? What precautions do you take to protect your back? Many people are quick to lift a box of office supplies, a crate of water bottles, or even an older child without first considering how it might impact their back health. Though capable of supporting many pounds, the back can strain under excessive weight or sporadic movements. Keeping in mind these suggestions can potentially prevent a disabling and painful back injury.

Secure Your Moving Space

An unattended electrical cord or loose floor rug can quickly increase the likelihood of a slip and fall accident that strains a back muscle, ruptures a disc, or fractures a vertebra. So whether you intend to move the contents of an entire room or simply one item in it, be sure that all walkways are free of obstructions that may lead to a back injury.

Implement Proper Form

The way in which you lift, hold, and carry a heavy object can impact your back health. When attempting to pick up an item, use the strength and stability of your legs to hoist the object. Once you have lifted it, position it close to your body, as the farther you keep it from you, the more difficult it can become to retain your hold on it. Trying to turn as you have an object in your arms can also place excessive stress on the structures in your back.

Acknowledge Your Limitations

A back injury can cause discomfort and days of immobility. Under serious circumstances, it may even necessitate physical therapy or surgery. To avoid these inconvenient and costly complications, recognize that some particularly heavy objects might require two or more individuals to move them. Always have another person available to help you lift and transport items too heavy or bulky to carry on your own.

The Spine & Orthopedic Institute at Northside Hospital can see to it that you enjoy restored back health and function as soon as possible. To talk with one of our Consult-A-Nurse representatives about our services, call (888) 598-9586. Our hospital offers a wide range of healthcare options for residents of St. Petersburg and the surrounding regions. 


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