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A Look at Some Common Types of Fractures

Last updated 4 years ago

A broken bone is typically considered a medical emergency, but some fractures may require more extensive treatment measures to remedy the condition. For this reason, emergency services will typically have patients undergo diagnostic imaging procedures to better understand the nature of the break. Northside Hospital offers a comprehensive array of safe, swift, and effective imaging options for patients with bone fractures.

Getting an Oblique Break

If a doctor tells a patient that he has an oblique fracture, that person has suffered a diagonally positioned break. The bone fragments may still retain their alignment, but due to the separation that the fracture may have caused, the physician may need to move the bones so that they touch and can fuse together with treatment.

Suffering an Open Break

An open break may necessitate more complex treatment services, as often more than bone has been affected by the injury-causing incident. When a person suffers an open break, one or more parts of the bone break through the skin. This complication can lead to several other medical concerns. The wound that an open fracture creates can cause infection. The movement of the bone through the skin may lead to muscle or nerve injury as well.

Experiencing a Stable Break

Treatment for a stable break may be considerably less extensive in comparison to an open break. Though a fracture of any kind is a serious medical condition, as its name indicates, a stable break entails a fracture that maintains the alignment and overall position of the bone fragments. Depending on the exact nature of the break, a physician may be able to address a patient’s needs with only a cast to keep the bone fragments immobile as they heal and fuse together.

The orthopedic team at Northside Hospital can see to it that you receive the fast and effective treatment you deserve. Our capable staff can quickly assess your situation and provide care that will get you on the path to recovery as soon as possible. For more information on our services for St. Petersburg residents, call (888) 598-9586.


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