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Get the Facts About the Flu Shot

Last updated 3 years ago

Many people are currently worked up over Ebola, which has been making news, but it has only affected a handful of American patients. The flu, on the other hand, infects millions of Americans each year and causes thousands of deaths related to flu complications. This threat is much closer to home, but can be managed more effectively with annual flu vaccinations. The flu shot is the best way to reduce the threat of the seasonal flu virus, though there are many misconceptions that hold people back from getting this vaccination. Here is a look at the facts you should know about the flu shot, which most people can get for free with their health insurance.

The flu shot does not give you the flu

A big misunderstanding about vaccinations is that they contain the actual virus and can give you a minor version of the illness. There may be some mild side effects with the flu shot, but it will not give you the flu. Contrary to popular belief, flu viruses also do not contain mercury or other harmful chemicals.

Vaccination is essential for high-risk patients

Flu-related deaths are most frequently seen in those over the age of 65, as this age group is one of the highest-risk when it comes to influenza. Other high-risk groups include infants and individuals with chronic illnesses. Vaccines are not only important for these groups, but those who are not high-risk should have the flu shot to create pack immunity and reduce the spread of the illness.

There are multiple flu vaccine options

If you fear needles, you do still have options for getting the flu vaccine. The nasal spray vaccine is an alternative choice available for people from 2 to 49 years of age. There are also high-dose flu shots for people over 65 and egg-free vaccines for individuals with allergies.

For your seasonal flu shot or emergency care to help you fight flu complications, connect with Northside Hospital. You can reach us online or at (888) 598-9586 to see how we can help you take charge of your health. 


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