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Reclaiming Your Heart Health: Cardiac Rehab

Last updated 3 years ago

The highest risk group for heart attack and other serious cardiac conditions is those who already suffer from heart disease or have had previous cardiac episodes. Therefore, it is important for these patients to understand the best tools for managing heart health and ensuring a heart attack-free future. Cardiac rehabilitation will provide educational resources for recovering patients who need extra attention to monitor their heart health and make healthier decisions every day. During cardiac rehabilitation, patients may work with a number of cardiac care team members who specialize in various areas of heart health. These professionals might include physicians, physical therapists, dieticians, and cardiac nurses. This article will take a closer look at how this team will help you get your heart health back on track through a guided rehab program.

Conditions that merit rehab

There is no age limit for cardiac rehab as rehab programs are personalized to the unique needs of each recovering patient. Typically, rehabilitation will be recommended following a heart attack, angina, heart failure, or heart surgery, but anyone with heart conditions might benefit from a rehab program.

Included program elements

Cardiac rehabilitation generally begins with a medical evaluation to determine the needs and limits of the patient. From here, a trainer will make recommendations for physical activity that gradually builds up in intensity to strengthen the heart like any other muscle in the body. Dietary guidelines will also be set with an eating plan that will allow you to more effectively manage your health at home.

Cardiac rehab length and transitions

Most cardiac rehab programs last about three months, but they can be much longer depending on how comfortable and healthy the patient is as the program progresses. More important than the length of the program is how prepared the patient feels to manage his or her health in the future. The changes made throughout rehab are not temporary, since they are elements needed for a lifetime of good health.

With Northside Hospital in St. Petersburg, you can find comprehensive cardiac care from emergency treatment through cardiac rehabilitation. You can connect with us on our website or at (888) 598-9586 to explore our services.


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