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Who Can Benefit from Cardiac Rehabilitation?

Last updated 3 years ago

Cardiac rehabilitation may include a number of different therapies to allow the heart to recover and improve a patient’s ability to participate in physical activity following a heart attack, surgery, or other cardiac condition. Because cardiac rehabilitation is highly personalized, it can address the needs of a wide range of patients. Here is a look at the patients who may benefit the most from this type of rehabilitation, which typically takes place in two stages for care and education that continues outside of a clinical setting.

Patients post-surgery

Surgeries ranging from heart valve repair to heart transplant may be followed by cardiac rehabilitation, since the heart will be under extra stress following a surgical procedure. Cardiac rehab should not be considered optional, as it can greatly improve your overall health and is typically considered an integral part of cardiac surgical care.

Patients with heart failure

Heart failure is a condition in which the heart is not adequately pumping oxygenated blood through the body. As the cause for heart failure is discovered through medical testing, cardiac rehabilitation can prevent sudden cardiac episodes and allow patients to participate safely in the activities they enjoy.

Patients who have had a heart attack

Serious lifestyle changes are typically called for after a heart attack, because the chances of suffering a heart attack are very high in patients who have already survived one. Cardiac rehabilitation can guide patients through their post-heart attack needs and ensure that their healing remains on track in the long-term.

Patients with angina

Similar to heart failure, angina indicates that the heart is not working properly. Stable angina is characterized by chest pain that has a regular pattern, often occurring during exercise or in periods of high stress. With the help of rehabilitation, patients may find relief from this symptom and more effectively address the underlying condition.

The Tampa Bay Heart Institute at Northside Hospital provides a two-phase cardiac rehabilitation program with inpatient and outpatient care to address the short- and long-term needs of St. Petersburg patients with cardiac disorders. To discover how our rehabilitation services may benefit you, call (888) 598-9586 or visit our website today.



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